You can promote this for 'Zero out of pocket' expense, as will be shown on the Webinar. 
The most effective way of getting new members to join is to get them to the Webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10pm EST. The Owner/Presenter is very explanatory and clear with no hype and you will see first hand how all this works. including the compensation plan which is very easy and way more effective and lucrative than a multi-level plan.
The service is totally legal, as it is streaming only and just like Netflix (apart from this has around 3000 channels). This only becomes illegal if you were to save or download.
The product is also used by everyone, so it appeals to the mass market and there are no borders to worry can promote to any country in the world.
We have tested it fully and it works great.
Simple Instructions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):
1. Choose your preferred device/s. Note you can download on multiple devices but only watch two simultaneously. The set up guides are all listed below. You can also access by web browser if desired.
2. Once you have set up on your Device/s and have got to the login screen with the set up Guides below, contact us at and advise your preference.
You can choose either the 30 day Trial at US$9.95 or the full package at US$149 + US$19.95 monthly.
Note you also get an additional FREE 30 days when you sign up to the US$149 package, so you only start paying the US$19.95 after the additional free 30 day service.
3. We will then organise the appropriate Invoice for payment.
The US$9.95 Trial Paypal Invoice is sent from VTA Electronics ONCE YOU HAVE SET UP ON YOUR DEVICES/S.(please note to contact us when you have set up on your devices). 
The US$149 package Invoice is sent from us and our Paypal address of We pay the $49 to the Company for your TV Streaming Service and per the compensation plan we keep the $100 (after our qualifying sale).
4. Once payment is received is made, you will receive an activation email from the Company. Please allow 24-48 hours due to time zone differences.
5. If you choose the Trial, then you will have 30 days to trial the full system.
6. If you want to market the products immediately and take advantage of the marketing plan and $100 payments to you, then you will need to join immediately at the $US149 full package price.

One of the Screens you should see AFTER set up

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