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The important point with this Business (Power Lead System) is it is very well set up, proven over many years, still has hardly scratched the surface, pays regularly weekly and you simply need to follow the instructions, NOT re-invent the wheel and keep it SIMPLE. If you follow the instructions this will work for you, the same as it works for us. We recommend highly to use Solo Ads (as below suggestions) PLUS ask us as we can direct you to a very good Solo Ad Seller. This will build your Business quickly plus you can also use FREE advertising, however you would not get generally so much response and this takes a lot longer. With Business you get back what you invest in and it is no different with this Business. If you just want to use the Products without promoting the opportunity then that is fine too and you can take advantage of the twice-weekly trainings shown below and which we will email out to you.
Click Step 1 above and set up your Business. These are excellent Videos and take your time to go through carefully and get all set up and ready to promote your Business. Anything you are stuck with then ask on the Chat on bottom right, via our Facebook Group  or via our email at homebizinternational@gmail.com 
Step 2...Promote with Solo Ads
Two paid Solo Ads Suppliers are below plus contact us for a very good direct Solo Ad Seller.
There are also heaps of FREE advertising options such as Facebook Groups, but it is proven that these will take a lot longer to build a Business, as there are a lot of people competing with their Business Opportunities. Solo Ads are more focused and are also likely to attract new fresh members who are just starting in a Home Business Opportunity.
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Step 3...Twice weekly Training
Check out the websites below for twice weekly training and we will also email you live links each week
Step 4...Follow Up
We will be available for periodic follow ups as necessary via our Home Business Online Office. When we have agreed timing, you simply click the graphic below and we will be able to video talk as collaborate as necessary.
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