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Available in currently:
New Zealand/
Soon in Singapore & Asia

Members can literally go into the back office and click their sound money wallet and buy $1 or $10 or more worth of silver or $1 or $20 or more worth of gold whenever they want INSTANTLY no minimum no maximum!! The system shows how much you are buying and at what price and down to the 8th decimal place in ounces you are getting!!

And at the same time go in and sell your silver or gold instantly and get the highest buy back price and then can cash out to your bank!

Or if you want your silver and gold physically in your hands you can request any time 24/7 and they will box up and ship your silver and gold to your home fast with FedEx shipping!!

You can even TRANSFER your silver, gold, and cash INSTANTLY to other members of 7kMetals just pay a 1% fee!!!!

This 4 minute video above explains the sound money wallet! This is GROUND BREAKING for the entire metals industry!! This is the FIRST company to succeed and accomplish this!! 

7K ADVANTAGE Travel/Savings Portal you have access to as a Member

Some useful information on the Company:

"This company is OUTSTANDING you can literally buy, sell, & transfer silver, gold, and cash in SECONDS.

1) They have been in business for over 4 years, USA based in Idaho!

2) They offer gold and silver buyback to all their customers who purchase through them. This means you can sell back your gold and silver to the company down the road making it less of a hassle for you to sell.

3) You also have the option to use their private vault to store your silver and gold! This gives you less fees and shipping if you wanna sell it back later to the company plus it is FREE to store in the vault.

4) They get audited MONTHLY to make sure they have what they say they have and it's all backed up!! Every ounce of silver, gold, and also cash and vault ledgers are all accounted for as well.

5) Ships to the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand using FEDEX for FAST shipping! (Singapore and Asia soon!)

6) They have a POWERFUL comp plan that we are strategizing to MAX OUT at $12,500 A WEEK!!

7) They have a A+ rating from the BBB! Also certified by and work with the NGC. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation that certifies and grades coins.

Dealer direct pricing! No minimum and no Maximum purchases! Buy silver and gold with just $10 IN SECONDS!!

9) YEARLY membership means No month to month and you get a FREE GEM coin (or better!) with your membership as well!!

10) They have some of the same founders/owners of the company MelaLuca that’s been here since the 80’s!!

11) They have an INCREDIBLE support team for any and all questions and needs!!

12) They just got approved and are currently using the $4.6 BILLION dollar secure banking software Plaid!!! The same secure banking software Venmo uses! This means they NEVER need to know your bank information as it will be secure and safe with Plaid. MANY companies out there apply for Plaid and get denied just on the security levels itself so it is a VERY hard and long process to get approved and the company is the FIRST metals company to get approved!