At HomeBizInternational we provide a 'Professional Online Home Office Complex' Platform for our Members working from home and the only requirement is that they join one of our Business Opportunities (*Condition is that you must remain active and productive with marketing the Home Business Opportunity to retain the FREE membership) to get this for FREE or alternatively they can pay US$25 per month for access to this valuable Community if they do not join an opportunity or do not continue to be active and productive.
We hand-pick what we consider to be the BEST Opportunities in Marketing at a particular time. This may be our own Businesses or 3rd party Businesses who we consider are worth being a part of and building a Business.
All Businesses carry a risk, however we like to think we have minimized this risk with our choices, on which we have conducted due diligence and fully tested.
The best Business is done by building personal relationships. People buy from those they know and trust.
We also know that not one size fits all, so we have hand-picked from the top global markets to give you a choice which may interest you at a variety of different starting costs, depending on your budget at the time.
Our HomeBizInternational Online Office Platform offers the perfect place to build those professional relationships on a fun Platform and if you want to stand aside from the thousands marketing on Social Media, this may be a better method of getting more sales with less audience and competition!
Please note that this is NOT a Job and there is NO FREE RIDE here. Like in any Business you have to market your Business which normally incurs additional expenses and while we assist as much as possible, you are ultimately responsible for your own success.
This is Business and you have to invest in yourself to be successful.
We hope you like our options presented on the top toolbar and we look forward to working with you on whichever Business you see fits you!
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The HomeBizInternational Office Complex is supported by the Digital Office platform. This offers the ability to have a complete professional image online and the ability to benefit first-hand from a range of new concepts and opportunities in this exciting home business environment and allows for maximum interaction between members of the relevant specialist Home Business Platforms without fear of being locked out of promoting your Business with restricting rules. With our Platforms, as long as it is legal and moral then all is good!

More and more Businesses are also turning to using home workers due to the technology now available.

If you want to be Professional and stand out from the crowd then you need HomeBizInternational.

We also believed that there will be people visiting our Website who are new to working from home, so we have hand-picked what we consider are an excellent selection of Business Opportunities for them to consider.

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 You have access to the full run of our Digital Office and you can use the features for FREE. This is a powerful space where you can share screens, chat, voice talk, video talk for no additional cost.

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Below is what you get when you join one of our Business Opportunities

Access to the HomeBizInternational Online Office above

Unlimited interaction with other members 

Access to an Awesome Community of

Innovative Individuals + new opportunities in which to participate

Participate in our Groups and Forum for more connections

FREE calling, chat and video chat

Weekly Online Social Get-Together in the PLANET Cafe/Wine Bar!

Promote your websites to others on the Digital Platform

Set your status, drop in and out when available

JVOPPS allows you to participate in our own new product launches 




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